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About Us

Mrs. Smita Dilip Mankame, pioneer of Shubhavishva, started a matrimony service for the Marathi Brahmin community with a noble cause of helping handicapped people in their marriages. She did this all, as a part of social commitment towards the community.  She helped number of handicapped people find their soul mates in the initial phase, when the Shubhavishva started off. With such a thoughtful foundation, it was only obvious that more and more people from Marathi Brahmin community started approaching her to assist them find their soul mates.

As Shubhavishva grew with time, they started catering to Marathi Brahmin community, which included Deshastha Brahmins, Koknastha Brahmins and Karhade Brahmins. Shubhavishva is known to cater to highly educated Marathi Brahmin brides and grooms. In fact high education has been Shubhavishva's forte all these years. Though, in the years to follow, Shubhavishva established themselves as a well known and trustworthy matrimony in Pune, Mr. and Mrs. Mankame, never forgot their roots. Even today, after 30 glorious years, Shubhavishva caters handicapped or physically challenged people absolutely free of cost.

Faith, truthfulness and Transparency have been our key values. We have never ever let anything else takeover these values in our business. ” – Quoted Mr. Mankame, who has been equally involved in the development and betterment of Shubhavishva.

The kind of comfort, trust and faith people have in Mr. and Mrs. Mankame, is a great example of how well they have run this business.
Shubhavishva, today stands as one of the most famous and trustworthy marriage buerau in Pune, with 3500 + active members and thousands of couples who have benefited from Shubhavishva’s services.

As Shubhavishva celebrates 30 years of glorious service to the community, the vision is to only march ahead with time and stand as the No. 1 in the Marathi Brahmin Community.

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